Successful Twitter accounts do not just come by chance, they have worked hard and applied some strategies to be able to gain followers especially non celebrity and some not so popular business brands and products. Successful twitter accounts have personality, this distinguishes them from the rest of the groups because they stand out and does not have any thrills or frills in presenting themselves, their services and products. This is one of the key factors in developing your brand. To develop branding, you must set policies before you start tweeting, you must be able to identify features in your company logo and slogans that will concisely explain to the visitors what they expect from following you. 

It is better to add faces in your account because people will always try to find a connection with the account they follow, try to match their sense of belongingness and personal touch. Branding means suiting the way you develop your account and the way you tweet according to your target population. If you are targeting pregnant women, you must also tweet messages that are appropriate to them instead of tweeting messages about the party you attended or anything that will be perceived as offensive. Connect your account together, your Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram and others. This is to simplify the posting of your pictures, updating the accounts like the ones at this homepage and establishing uniformity. 

Successful twitter accounts are not only seen online but the strategy involves actual connection with people because if they perceive that you are not real, people will lose interest in you and therefore, you must make all means to try and relate with your visitors in the real world in any opportunity that you can find such as placing your twitter account in your business card, presentations and during late afternoon conversations with friends or a complete stranger. 


Twitter accounts are not just followed automatically by people, you must try to make the first move always, people will not acknowledge you, search you out from the millions of accounts like of jeunesse out there but you must initiate the contact with your targets.  The personality of your account must be matched by its contents so that there is consistency and you will not have any negative feedback from your followers. Messages spread like wildfire in social media so that you must be very wary of the things you post, tweet and write. Always do proof reading to eliminate undue errors and a lot of explanation.