Twitter, whether you believe it or not, is a good source of business news though bite size. It is required for an entrepreneur to know the latest updates, changes, and trends within the industry he belongs since this affects how the business is run. Some Twitter accounts have been found to provide pertinent business resources for start-ups and small businesses.  

One of these is the account of Forum for Private Businesses. This is great for updates on business. This also provides tips on marketing and networking that small businesses need. Always remember that marketing and networking are two of the main priorities of any small business. 

Then there's BBC Business which presents news from the BBC Business team that's usually presented in an easy to comprehend format. It's easy for you to scan news that you find interesting. And because it is BBC, you can always expect it to be timely and derived from all the credible sources. 

You can also find important information from Startup Britain. You might find it surprising that this account is aimed towards startup companies more than the small and medium enterprises. They do offer regular business updates but what's more valuable with this account like the ones at this at this website is the advice on how to turn ideas into concrete steps in starting one's own enterprise.  

Business Zone is also another important Twitter account. You would find here news, updates, videos, and even competitions for business. You can also find advice from business giants like Peter Jones and James Caan of Dragon's Den. 

One more great resource from Twitter is the Federation for Small Business account like the one of jeunessehq. Followers of this account will gain more tips than news. Its main goal is to provide help on how to expand businesses. That's why business owners would easily find information from this account highly significant. 

Guardian Small Business is also a valuable Twitter resource. It's relatively newer than the rest and this has been created by The Guardian business section. You can always expect the information this account provides to be accurate and heavily researched which can be indispensable for SMEs. What makes it more valuable is that it offers a question and answer session which enables followers to find out more about certain issues. 


All these are important for any startup business owner and for any small business owner. Always remember that it would be costly to learn from your own mistakes in business than to learn the same from other entrepreneurs' mistakes.